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Where is Venezuela Located

Venezuela (official title: Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela) is a relatively large country in terms of size and population. It covers an area of 916,445 square kilometers (353,841 sq mi), which makes it the 33rd largest country in the world. It has a population of almost 29 million and is the 44th largest country by population in the world. Human habitation in the area can be traced back 15,000 years, but the formation of Venezuela can be traced back to independence from Spain in 1811 as a part of Gran Colombia. Venezuela became fully independent in 1830. Let’s find out where this country is located.

Where is Venezuela located?
Venezuela is a country in South America and it is located on the northern coast of the continent. It shares a border with Brazil (to the south), Guyana (to the east) and Colombia (to the west). A number of Caribbean islands are to the north of the Venezuelan coast. The following is a political map of South America with the location of Venezuela (marked in orange) and surrounding countries marked.
South American political map.

This is a world map showing the location of Venezuela in relation to the rest of the world.
A world map showing the location of  Venezuela

Venezuela has a current border dispute with Guyana and Venezuela claims much of the western and central portion of the country. This dispute officially began in 1841 and is a major tension between the two neighbours. In October 2013 the Venezuelan Navy captured an oil exploration vessel from Guyana and the crew were held by Venezuela for a week. This disputed territory is known as Guayana Esequiba and is shown below in orange.
A map showing the disputed region between Venezuela and Guyana

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