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Which City has the Highest Crime Rate

As cities all over the world grow in size and population it is inevitable that they also grow in crime rate. Theft, murder, drugs, corruption and the like multiply as more people live closer together. The impact of the global economic situation means fewer jobs and more people looking for a way to survive. Whilst cities are often highly recognized for their beauty, wealth, art or night life it is often not common knowledge which cities have the highest crime rate. So which of the cities in the world hold the infamous titles of having the highest crime rate? Read on to find out.

Highest Crime Rate in the World

Many countries suffer with high crime rates due to overpopulation and very little employment opportunities. Statistics have shown that it is increasingly difficult to determine which city has the highest crime rate.

Many of the Caribbean countries have a high level of crime due to drugs and political unrest. Here are some of the statistics available on countries in that area:
Haiti – 950 murders for a population of 8,283,000
Dominican Republic – 2,403 murders for a population of 9,183,984
Puerto Rico – 766 murders for a population of 3.8 million
Trinidad and Tobago – 384 murders for a population of 1.1 million
Jamaica – 1,669 murders for a population of 2,732,000

Certain parts of Latin America are also a known hot spot for crime. The city that is most well known for its high level of violent crime is Caracas, Venezuela. The murder rate in that city alone is 130 per 100,000 people.

Highest Crime rate in the USA

The USA has its share of high crime rates as well, though they generally don’t compare to those experienced in the Caribbean or Latin America. The city that was recorded as having the highest crime level in recent years is New Orleans, Louisiana, with murder and manslaughter rates being the highest in the country. The city with the highest level of total violent crime in 2009 was Detroit, Michigan, with a crime rate of 19 violent crimes per 1000 people, with most of those crimes being aggravated assault. Cleveland rates highly on the list with the highest levels of forcible rape, burglary and robbery reported. Memphis, Tennessee had the highest rate of property crime for the country.

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