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Which Part Of The Brain Controls Memory

Memory is our ability to store, retain and recall experiences and information. We have both and short term memory and a long term memory. Memory is a funny thing; two people can live through the same event yet have very different memories of what actually occurred. Some days you can remember every detail of a person’s face and on other days it is difficult to bring to mind that same person. Some people have memories that are photographic, whilst others have sketchy memories at best. Not a lot is known about how memory works and why we recall some things and not others. What we do know is that part of the brain is responsible for storing, retaining and recalling the information we have learned and the experiences we have lived through. So, which part of the brain controls memory? Read on to discover the answer.

The brain
The brain is a very complex organ that is divided into a number of different parts. Each part is responsible for a variety of specialized tasks. All parts of the brain are connected with one another and work together to allow the simple and the complex processes that we go through daily to be achieved. It is no surprise then that the memory is the responsibility of a number of parts of the brain.

Which parts control memory
The temporal lobe is responsible for the storage of memory. It is here that your Brian stores those things that you remember. The hippocampus is also part of memory. It processes new memories into long term storage. Without your hippocampus you would not be able to remember what is happening in the present, only what has happened in the past. It is the hippocampus that is affected in Alzheimer’s disease. Your frontal lobe is where memory is recalled. It is this part of the brain that searches and recalls relevant information and experiences.

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