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Who Built Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey is considered to be the most important church in London, and possibly the United Kingdom. It is part of the Church of England. The Abbey is the place of coronation for the King or Queen and where funerals are held for the royal family. Many important people have been buried at the abbey. It has also hosted many royal weddings since. Almost every king or queen has been crowned there since 1066. Today it is one of the most popular tourist spots in London and can be viewed everyday (although Sundays are restricted to worship services only). If you are wondering who built this impressive church, read on to find out.

Who built Westminster Abbey
Westminster Abbey was built as a royal burial church. The abbey was built by Edward the Confessor and was opened in 1965. He died a week later and was buried in the church. His successor to the throne was likely to have been coronated at the abbey, but this wasn’t officially documented. The abbey was not completed until 1090. Henry III started to build the current church structure in 1245, but some of the construction didn’t finish until 1517. Other additions have been made to Westminster Abbey and the western towers were not added until the 18th century by Nicholas Hawksmoor and Sir Christopher Wren.

Westminster Abbey has undergone some restoration and renovation over the years, but it was the bombings of World War II that caused the most damage. After this a restoration program was designed to restore and maintain this important structure.

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