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Who Composed The Marriage Of Figaro

The Marriage Of Figaro is a well known comic opera. It is based on a play written by Pierre Beaumarchais in 1784, which was originally banned in Vienna because of its controversial content. The play is now recognized as a key feature of the French Revolution. In fact, Napoleon Bonaparte called it “a revolution in action.” This controversy helped to make the opera a runaway success. To find out who composed this famous and controversial opera, continue reading to find out.

Who composed The Marriage Of Figaro?
The Marriage Of Figaro was composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, best known simply as Mozart, in 1786. He completed the work quickly, but although there are reports he wrote it in only 6 weeks the evidence for this has not been found. The Italian text written for the opera was written by Lorenzo Da Ponte. It opened in Vienna in 1786 and due to the subject of this opera, it quickly became one of Mozart’s most successful compositions. The musical complexity of this opera was never seen before and it caused some problems for the performers.

Even though many of his operas are no longer performed, The Marriage Of Figaro is still being performed today (ranked 5th for the most performed today). It is still considered to be one of the most important operas ever written.

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