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Who Designed Buckingham Fountain

Buckingham Fountain is a famous landmark at the center of Grand Park in the city of Chicago. It is one of the biggest fountains in the world and tourists from all over the world visit the site each year. The fountain works from April to October and water shows occur every hour. In the winter months it is decorated with lights. The fountain contains more than 5,700,000 liters (1,500,000 gallons) of water and 14,000 gallons are used per minute during a display. Buckingham Fountain has a design that is similar in appearance to a wedding cake and it is rococo style. The fountain was designed as a representation of Lake Michigan and there are four sea horses in the design that represent the states (Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan and Indiana) that border the lake. Let’s find out who designed and created this impressive fountain.

Who designed Buckingham Fountain?
Buckingham Fountain in Grand Park, Chicago.Buckingham Fountain was designed by American architect and urban designer Daniel Burnham. It is said that the design for the fountain was modelled after the Latona Fountain in Versailles and was inspired by the Bassin de Latone. The French sculptor Marcel Loyau created the statues.

The fountain was finished in 1927 and was dedicated in August of the same year. It cost $750,000 to build, which was donated to the city by Kate Buckingham in memory of her brother Clarence. Renovation on the fountain began in 1994 because the harsh winters in Chicago had caused leaks. A new renovation project began in 2008 and this is currently ongoing.

The following is a video of a light display at the fountain:

Did you know?
The fountain has been featured in the television show The Amazing Race. It was also used in the introduction sequence for the series Married…with Children.

The computer that controlled the fountain pumps was located in Atlanta, Georgia until the 1994 renovation when it was moved to Chicago!

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