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Who Designed The Apple Logo

Apple Inc. is one of the most iconic brands on the planet and are best known for their range of consumer electronic devices such as the iPhone and Macbook computers. Their products are used and loved by millions of people throughout the world and their branding is one of the most well recognized of any company. The Apple logo is featured prominently on their products and marketing material and is instantly recognizable. Let’s take a look at the designer of this now famous logo.

Who Designed The Apple Logo
The first Apple logo featured Sir Isaac Newton sitting under an Apple tree and this design was created by Ron Wayne. However, this logo was not used for very long. In 1976 graphic designer Rob Janoff created the famous design featuring an apple with a bite taken out of the side. He showed several monochrome versions to Apple founder Steve Jobs who liked the logo, but requested that Janoff add colors to the logo to humanize the company. Janoff came up with a rainbow color design that was used by Apple until 1998. At this time the company switched to a monochrome logo that is still used today.

Did you know?
Janoff designed the Apple logo with a bite taken out of it so that it wouldn’t be mistaken for another fruit.

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