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Who Designed The Comic Sans Font

Comic sans is a modern typeface, commonly incorrectly called a font, that was modeled on the fonts used in comic books. It was originally intended as a casual typeface to appeal to children, but quickly became popular with people of all ages. It began to be used in more professional settings and this unintended usage has led to a large amount of criticism against using a casual typeface for professional work. It is for this reason that it is sometimes referred to as “the most hated font in the world.”

Who designed comic sans?
Comic sans was designed by Vincent Connare who was working as a font designer for Microsoft. He was known for creating a number of child friendly fonts and in 1994 he began work on comic sans. He initially designed the typeface for the Microsoft help interface software known as Microsoft Bob. He finished his work too late for this project, but it began being used in Microsoft 3D Movie Maker. The font shipped in the Plus Pack for Windows 95 and eventually was included as one of the included typefaces in the Windows operating system. Comic sans also became one of the default fonts for the Microsoft software Internet Explorer and Publisher.

Did you know?
Connare responded to the critics of his design by explaining it was never meant to be used in professional projects and he has no control over its use.

During his time at Microsoft Connare is also known for designing the popular typeface Trebuchet MS.

There is a website setup by designers Dave and Holly Combs dedicated to banning comic sans (bancomicsans.com) and a music video made by gunnarolla all about the font!

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