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Who Designed The I Love NY Logo

The I Love New York logo is one of the best known tourism advertising campaigns in the world. Initially developed in the 1970′s to promote tourism in the state, and later specifically New York City, and it is still used today for the same purposes. It is also found in souvenir shops where it is printed on a number of items such as t-shirts (and other clothing), coffee mugs, key rings, toys and much more. The logo itself is a pop-culture icon and is instantly recognized by people around the world. It was also widely used after the September 11 terrorist attacks to show support for the city. The simple logo is written I [Red Heart Symbol] NY in a typeface (font) known as American Typewriter. Let’s find out who designed this popular logo and how it came about.

Who designed the I Love New York Logo
In 1977 William S. Doyle, who was the Deputy Commissioner of the New York State Department of Commerce wanted to develop a new campaign for the state of New York. He hired advertising firm Wells Rich Greene along with a graphic designer by the name of Milton Glaser. Working to the advertising campaign, Glaser produced the now famous logo. Glaser came up with the idea from a Montreal radio campaign that used the slogan “Montreal, the city with a heart.” He provided the work for free because he was convinced that the campaign would only last a few months!

Did you know?
The original sketch for the logo and presentation boards were donated by Doyle and are a part of the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

The successful I Love New York campaign has also sparked a number of imitators and New York has filed more than 3,000 objections against some of these imitations.

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