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Who Developed The Theory Of Relativity

The theory of relativity is one of the most important scientific advances of all time. It is broken up into two separate theories called special relativity and general relativity. It was such as revolutionary theory because it showed that time is not uniform or absolute. For example, there are two 25 year old twins and one travels through space at 90% of the speed of light for 20 years. They would arrive back on Earth as a 45 year old, but the twin who stayed on Earth would be 71 years old! It is very hard topic to understand, and explain, so I have posted a video at the end of this article with a fairly simple explanation.

Who proposed the theory of relativity?
The credit for developing the theory of relativity goes to the famous German physicist, Albert Einstein. At just 26 years of age he realized that some of the theories put forth by Isaac Newton’s were incorrect when talking about very distant and large objects. His revision to these laws, including gravity, plays a part in what we know today as the theory of relativity. The first theory, called special relativity, was introduced by Einstein in 1905. It took another 10 years for him to develop the theory of general relativity. The theory was adopted by the scientific community and it led to a better knowledge in many areas of science.

Watch this video explaining the theory of relativity:

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