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Who Discovered Bromine

Bromine is a chemical element with symbol Br. It is a red-brown liquid at room temperature. But who discovered bromine? This post will answer that question!

Who Discovered Bromine?

Bromine was first discovered by Carl Jacob¬† in 1825. He isolated bromine from a mineral spring water in his hometown Bad Krueznach. He saturated a solution of the mineral with chlorine and extracted bromine by using an ether. A brown liquid (bromine) remained! However, he took a long time to publish his results so some people consider Antoine Ballard to be the discoverer of bromine. He found bromine in sea weed in 1826. He obtained bromine by reacting sea weed ash with chlorine. He found the properties of the new element were ‘in between’ iodine and chlorine (two other halogens which we now know have very similar chemical properties). He though he had obtained iodine chlorine (ICl) but, when he tested it, found he had discovered a completely new element. As he published his results first, many people consider him the true ‘discoverer’ of bromine. Others consider both to be the discoverers of bromine.

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