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Who Discovered Calcium

Calcium is a gray metal that is essential for living organisms (plants and animals). But who discovered calcium? This post will answer that question then tell you a few interesting facts about calcium.

Who discovered calcium?

Compounds of calcium were well known to the Ancient Romans. The Ancient Romans were well known for making calcium oxide, otherwise known as lime. However, calcium metal was not isolated until 1808. The discoverer at that time was Sir Humphry Davy. He experimented with the electrolysis of lime and mercuric oxide and obtained calcium metal.

Interesting facts about calcium

  • It took years for someone to isolate calcium as it never occurs uncombined in nature. That means that it is always bonded to something else.
  • Besides dairy products (milk and cheese for example), nuts, seeds, beans, oranges, figs, broccoli and soy milk are good sources of calcium.
  • Vitamin D helps absorb calcium into the bloodstream. That is why vitamin D is added to some milk products and calcium supplements.
  • Calcium metal can be quite hazardous as it reacts violently with acids and water.
  • The atomic number of calcium is 20.
  • There are four stable isotopes of calcium. There are also two other isotopes which have extremely long half-lives and are considered stable for practical purposes.

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