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Who Discovered Gold

Gold, a metal with the chemical symbol Au, is a very highly sought after precious metal. Gold rushes were very common in history as thousands flocked to hot spots to try and make their fortunes. This article will answer the question who discovered gold and look at eight fascinating, fun and slightly educational facts about gold.

Like sulfur, no one knows who actually discovered gold. It is hypothesised that gold was the first metal used by humans, being valued for ornaments and rituals. Gold was very common in ancient Egypt and many ancient cultures bartered and/or bought products and services with gold. Gold is mentioned very early in the Old Testament of the Bible and is also one of the gifts of the wise men to Jesus. So now you know that no one knows who actually discovered gold. Now let’s look at eight interesting facts about gold.

Fact 1: In ancient times, some believed that gold had healing properties. Even today, there are some people that believe that gold has healing power. In reality, some gold salts do have anti-inflammatory properties but that is all.

Fact 2: Gold is an extremely unreactive metal, only chemically reacting with a few chemicals.

Fact 3: Gold is a transition metal, found in the middle of the periodic table.

Fact 4: Amazingly, the supply of gold is only predicted to last for another 45 years if we continue to consume it at the same rate as we are today!

Fact 5: Gold can easily be beaten into very thin sheets (known as gold leaf).

Fact 6: As gold is so unreactive, consuming it will have no beneficial or detrimental impact on the body!

Fact 7: Very little jewellery contains pure (24 carat) gold. Other jewellery combines gold with copper and/or silver. The lower the ‘carat’ number the less gold, and more copper and/or silver, the jewellery consists of.

Fact 8: Gold is a fairly good conductor of both electricity and heat.

You now know that no one knows who discovered gold and have learnt eight great facts about gold.

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  1. One thing you might have mentioned is that “silver” is actually a better conductor of electricity. Otherwise it is a pretty informative piece. Also, you might want to mention that completely separate and independent civilizations have (Maya,Inca,Aztec) used gold for it’s properties, availability, and ease of use in forming objects in religious ceremonies,etc. and actually placed little value on it.

  2. I think this is a very great article because it helped me to know more about gold and helped me complete my project.

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