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Who Discovered Hyperion

Hyperion is a moon of Saturn that has an irregular shape and chaotic rotation. It is thought to be one of the largest bodies in the solar system to have an irregular shape and the only larger moon with an irregular shape is Proteus, a moon of Neptune. The first close analysis of Hyperion occurred in 2005 during the flyby of the moon by the Cassini spacecraft. However, this moon was discovered much earlier than this. Let’s take a look at who discovered this unique moon.

Who Discovered Hyperion?
Hyperion was discovered at virtually the same time in the United States and Britain. American astronomer William Cranch Bond and his son George Phillips Bond discovered the moon in 1848 at Harvard College Observatory. In Britain English astronomer William Lassell observed Hyperion two days after William Cranch Bond first observed it. William Lassell was the first to publish his findings and also suggested the name Hyperion, from Greek Mythology. Today, we consider Hyperion to have be co-discovered. It was the first irregular shaped moon to be discovered.

Did you know?
William Lassell also discovered Triton, which Neptune’s largest moon, just 17 days after the planet was discovered for the first time. He also discovered two moons of Uranus.

The father and son team William Cranch Bond and George Phillips Bond also discovered what was thought to be the innermost ring of Saturn in 1850.

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