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Who Discovered Lead

Lead is a soft metal that has a bluish-white color when freshly cut and turns gray when exposed to air. But who discovered lead? This post will answer that question and also tell you some uses of lead.

Who Discovered Lead?

Unfortunately, no one knows who discovered lead. Lead has been known to many different civilizations throughout history. There is evidence that the first lead smelting (extracting lead from its ore) was done about 9,000 years ago. The oldest artifact that contains lead is dated at 3800 BC. Lead is also mentioned in the second book of the Bible (Exodus 15:10).

How is Lead Used?

  • Lead is a major part of the lead-acid battery used in cars.
  • Lead is used to color ceramic glazes red and yellow.
  • Lead is used in PVC pipes which coat electrical wires.
  • Lead is used to project firearms.
  • Lead is used to shield people from radiation. They are used in X-ray rooms to shield the operator.
  • Many people still use lead in sculptures and statues.
  • Lead is often used as an electrode in the process of electrolysis.
  • Lead sheets are sometimes used as gutters, gutter joints and cladding in buildings.
  • A compound of lead is used as an anti-knock additive in aviation fuel.

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  1. with technology today it is ridiculous u dont know who discovered lead! I needed this info for a science project. URG!!!!!

  2. How would technology help? It was discovered thousands of years ago when they had no written records.

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