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Who Discovered The Tomb Of Tutankhamun

Tutankhamun, also known as “King Tut”, was an Egyptian pharaoh who ruled from about 1332-1323 B.C. during the 18th Dynasty of ancient Egypt. He was a young leader and became pharaoh at just 9 or 10 years of age and ruled until he died approximately 10 years later. Although Tutankhamun wasn’t one of the most important leaders in the history of Egypt he became the world’s best known pharaoh after his tomb was discovered in a well preserved state. This discovery led to a worldwide interest in ancient Egypt that continues to this day. Let’s find out who made this important archaeological discovery.

Who discovered the tomb of Tutankhamun?
The tomb of Tutankhamun, known as KV62, was discovered by archaeologist Howard Carter along with his crew and financial backer George Herbert, 5th Earl of Carnarvon. Carter’s foreman found a stone step and he rushed to find Carter and they uncovered the stairs. Carter cleared the doorway and entered the passageway and found that it had been robbed. Carter created a hole in the door to reveal a chamber. After checking for oxygen with a match he entered the chamber. This area was also empty, but Carter had a feeling there would be a secret chamber. He found the secret chamber and discovered that it was full of ancient Egyptian treasures and statues. On November 26 1922 Carter and George Herbert were the first people to enter the tomb in 3000 years. After carefully excavating the site Carter opened the inner chamber and was the first to see the sarcophagus of Tutankhamun on February 16, 1923. The final cover of the sarcophagus was removed on October 28, 1925, and the mummy was exposed for the first time.

Did you know?
The tomb is located in the Valley of the Kings, but was not suited for a pharaoh. It is believed that he died before his grand royal tomb was completed and was placed in a tomb intended for someone else.

It is estimated that the treasures found inside Tutankhamun’s tomb would be worth in excess of $50 billion in today’s money!

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