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Who Founded Costco

Costco is a large warehouse club that is only open to members and their guests. They are one of the biggest retailers in the United States and have expanded into 8 other countries. Costco has over 580 stores and employs over 150,000 people. The company headquarters are located in Issaquah, Washington. Let’s take a look at who founded this successful company.

Who Founded Costco?
Costco was founded in Kirkland, Washington in 1983 by James Sinegal and Jeffrey Brotman, who were both experienced with retailing and distribution from previous experience. The first Costco warehouse opened in Seattle and more soon followed. In 1993 the company merged with Price Club, founded by Sol and Robert Price, to become one of the largest warehouse clubs in the United States. In 1997 the company became Costco Wholesale and all Price Club branded stores were renamed Costco.

Did you know?
James Sinegal started in retailing at FedMart as a bagger in 1954. He worked his way up the company to hold the impressive title of executive vice president in charge of merchandising and operations.

Costco’s own store brand (house brand) is known as Kirkland Signature. This name comes from the location that the company was founded!

Canada has the most Costo stores outside of the United State and the United Kingdom has the most Costco stores outside of North America.

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