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Who Founded Microsoft

Microsoft is a United States company that creates software for computers. They also created the XBox and XBox 360. This post will tell you who founded Microsoft, and then look at a few interesting facts about Microsoft.

Who Founded Microsoft

Microsoft was founded by William Henry Gates III (known as Bill Gates) and Paul Allen in Albuquerque, New Mexico. It was founded on April 4, 1975. Microsoft initially sold Altair BASIC, an interpreter for the BASIC programme language than ran on the MITS Altair 8000 (an early computer).

Interesting Facts About Microsoft

  • Microsoft made over $60 billion in revenue in 2008.
  • About 90,000 people work for Microsoft, employed in 105 different countries.
  • The current chairman of Microsoft is Steve Ballmer
  • One of Bill Gate’s visions for Microsoft was to put a computer in every home.
  • Microsoft’s stock price rose significantly when Windows Vista was released, but took a sharp dive during the economic crisis of 2008.
  • Greenpeace has ranked Microsoft the second worst company for its environment record. It was second to Nintendo.
  • The Microsoft Headquarters are located in Redmond, Washington, USA.
  • Microsoft released the Internet Explorer web browser in 1995.
  • In 2008, Microsoft made a bid to purchase Yahoo! for $44.6 billion. The offer was rejected.

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