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Who Founded White Castle

White Castle is an American fast food restaurant chain that is best known for its square hamburgers, which are sometimes called “sliders/slyders”. Although they are considered to be a relatively small fast food chain, they have the second highest sales revenue per store in the industry (behind McDonalds). Let’s take a look at who founded this popular fast food company.

Who founded White Castle?
In 1921 a cook named Walter A. Anderson and an insurance salesman named Edgar Waldo “Billy” Ingram decided to create a restaurant to change the public perception of hamburgers. At the time people were concerned about the cleanliness of the ground beef industry. They founded White Castle in Wichita, Kansas and focused heavily on the perception of cleanliness in their stores. Their restaurants quickly became a success and they branched out into other areas. Today they have over 420 restaurants. In 1933 Anderson sold his share of the company to Ingram. A year later the corporate headquarters were moved to Columbus, Ohio. Unlike many other fast food chains, White Castle has refused to go down the franchise path and remains a family run business to this day.

Did you know?
Walter Anderson is credited with inventing the hamburger bun as well as the “assembly line” techniques that made fast food possible.

To support their growing business the company created their own bakeries, meat plants and warehouses to keep a constant supply of stock.

White Castle has a group of very dedicated fans who are referred to as “Cravers.”

The burgers at White Castle were sold for 5 cents until the 1940s when they went up to 10 cents!

White Castle burgers have 5 circular holes to help them cook faster and without needing to turn them.

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