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Who Founded Yale University

Yale is a private Ivy League university that currently educates approximately 11,250 students. Yale is located in New Haven, Connecticut, United States of America. Yale is considered to be one of the best and most prestigious universities in the world. The motto of Yale is “light and truth” and it has the second largest academic library in the world. Many influential people have graduated from Yale over the years with a total of 5 US presidents and 19 US Supreme Court Judges. Yale employs over 1,000 faculty to teach their growing number of graduate and undergraduate students.

The Founding of Yale

Yale was founded in late 1701 with the passing of an act in the Colony of Connecticut. This act was passed in a an effort to create an institution to “wherein Youth may be instructed in the Arts and Sciences [and] through the blessing of Almighty God may be fitted for Publick employment both in Church and Civil State.” After this act was passed a group of ten men who were Congregationalist ministers met together to pool their academic books to create the academic library for the new school. These men who were Samuel Andrew, Thomas Buckingham, Israel Chauncy, Samuel Mather, James Noyes, James Pierpont, Abraham Pierson, Noadiah Russell, Joseph Webb and Timothy Woodbridge are known as the founders of Yale University which was first known as the Collegiate School.

Yale moved a number of times before it settled in New Haven Connecticut. It began in the home of the first rector, Abraham Pierson, in Killingworth (now Clinton), the moved to Saybook and then Wethersfield, until finally in 1718 it found a permanent home in New Haven. It was also this year that the school changed its name from the Collegiate School to Yale College. This was done in honor and gratitude of a Welsh merchant named Elihu Yale, who donated a large sum of money, 417 books and a portrait of King George I, to support the work of the school.

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