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Who has won the most Super Bowls

The Super Bowl is the annual championship game of the NFL when the best teams from the AFC and NFC compete for the ultimate prize. The first Super Bowl was played on January 15, 1967 after the merger between the NFL and AFL. But who has won the most Super Bowls? This post will tell you which team holds the record for most Super Bowl wins!

Who has won the most Super Bowls?

The Pittsburgh Steelers hold the record for the most Super Bowl wins of any teams. They have won Super Bowls IX, X, XII, XIV, XL and XLIII. The Steelers have been a consistently good performer in the NFL and have won six out of the seven Super Bowls they have appeared in. They lost Super Bowl XXX to the Dallas Cowboys, going into the game as heavy underdogs.

Scores of All Super Bowl Victories:

Super Bowl IX: Steelers 16 def Vikings 6

Super Bowl X: Steelers 21 def Cowboys 17

Super Bowl XII: Steelers 35 def Cowboys 31

Super Bowl XIV: Steelers 31 def Rams 19

Super Bowl XL: Steelers 21 def Seahawks 10

Super Bowl XLIII: Steelers 27 def Cardinals 23

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