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Who Invented Apple Pie

An apple pie is a type of fruit pie where the main ingredients are cooking apples. Pastries generally cover both the top and bottom of an apple pie, making a double-crust pie. But who invented the apple pie? This article will answer exactly that question and also look at three interesting facts about apple pie.

Who Invented Apple Pie
English apple pie recipes go back to the 14th century. The first printed apple pie recipe was by Geoffrey Chaucer in 1381. The ingredients for the pie were good apples, good spices, figs, raisins and pears. He also mentioned a cofyn, which is simply a casing of pastry. The last ingredient, saffron, is used to color the pie filling. The traditional way to serve apple pie in some parts of England (such as Yorkshire) is with cheese. In many Commonwealth countries, apple pie is served with ice cream, custard or double cream.

Dutch apple pie recipes also go back centuries. Dutch apple pie recipes usually call for cinnamon and lemon juice to be added to the pie. The first recipes probably appeared in the late 15th century or early 16th century. Dutch apple pies are made by having a crust at the bottom and around the edges then filling with apples and the other fillings. Strands of dough cover the top of the filling, although the filling is still visible. Although it is sometimes eaten cold, the Dutch prefer to eat apple pie warm with a dash of whipped cream or ice cream. So now you know who printed the first apple pie recipe and know some history of both English and Dutch apple pies. Now, let’s look at three fast facts about apple pies.

Three Apple Pie Facts
Fact 1: As you can see above, early English apple pie recipes did not include sugar, which is common in today’s English apple pies. This is likely because sugar was very expensive at the time as it had to be imported from Egypt.

Fact 2: Sometimes a ‘typical American’ is referred to by saying ‘as American as apple pie’.

Fact 3: The saying ‘for mom and apple pie’ was supposedly said by soldiers in World War 2 whenever journalists asked why the soldiers were going to war.

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  1. I LOVE PIE Pan Island Express P.I.E In england for an apple pie. Fact: it was made first in 1357 by Geoffery Chaucer.

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