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Who Invented Basketball

Basketball is a very popular team sport, played in many nations in the world and at the Olympic Games. Basketball is loved for its exciting slam dunks and high scoring games. This article will discover who invented basketball, and tell you six interesting facts about basketball.

Who Invented Basketball
In 1891 Dr James Naismitha, a Canadian physical education teacher, and an instructor at the YMCA, wanted to invent an indoor sport that would keep students fit during the long, and very cold, winter months. After rejecting many sports due to their unsuitability to indoor play, he came up with the rules for Basketball. He nailed a peach basket into the gymnasium floor and started teaches his students the basic rules. Until 1906, the bottom was kept in the peach basket and the ball would have to be retrieved from the basket. The first game of Basketball was played on the 20th of January 1892 with just nine players in the YMCA gymnasium in Springfield, Massachusetts. Women’s basketball started in the same year, as Senda Berenson (another physical education teacher) was intrigued by the game and realized its potential. In 1895, basketball was mainly played at YMCA’s across America, as well as at several women high schools. Since then, the game has continually grown in popularity and in 1936 it became an Olympic sport. So now you know that Dr James Naismitha invented basketball in late 1891. Now let’s look at six fast facts about basketball.

Six Interesting Basketball Facts
Fact 1: A basketball hoop is, and was since it was first invented, 10 foot (3.05m) high.

Fact 2: Gambling scandals plagued college basketball between 1948 and 1951, with several players being implicated in match fixing.

Fact 3: The United States have won all but three of the Olympic Games gold medals in men’s basketball.

Fact 4: The rules of basketball do not specify any positions at all. These have evolved as the game has been played.

Fact 5: The average size of male professional basketball players is 1.9m (6 ft 3 in). Females average 1.7m (5ft 7 in).

Fact 6: Water basketball, a variant of basketball, is a cross between basketball and water polo.

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