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Who Invented Batteries

Batteries use covert chemical energy to electrical energy to power different devices. But who invented batteries? This post will answer that question and also look at some interesting facts about batteries.

Who Invented Batteries?

Some historians and scientists believe that batteries were created about 2,000 years ago. They are called ‘Baghdad Batteries’ because they were discovered near Baghdad by archaeologists in 1936. What they found were terracotta pots filled with iron rods and copper sheets. It is possible to create electricity with iron, copper and lemon juice or vinegar. These claims are extremely controversial because there is no evidence that the jars were used to create electricity. All we know for sure is that the pots contained iron and copper!

Other historians believe that Alessandro Volta created the first battery (a ‘voltaic pile’) in 1800. He was inspired by Luigi Galvani’s report on ‘animal electricity’. Galvani thought that a frog’s legs were responsible for an electrical current being produced by his iron scalpel and brass hook. We now know (as Volta proved) that it is actually the chemical reaction between the iron and brass that creates electricity. So now you know who invented batteries (the two different views)!

Facts About Batteries

  • Over US$48 billion is generated out of battery sales each year.
  • Battery life can be extended by storing them at low temperatures (such as in a fridge or freezer). This is not recommended, however, as the batteries are much less efficient.
  • Short circuiting a battery will cause it to explode.
  • Many toxic metals are produced by batteries. These include lead, cadmium and mercury).

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