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Who Invented Candy

Almost everyone likes eating some form of candy (also called sweets or confectionery) and this is why it is the most popular of all snack foods. Today there are many different types of candy available and although most have very little nutritional value they are popular because of the sweet taste. You might be wondering who invented candy? This article will take a look into the history of this sweet treat.

Who invented candy?

This history of Candy is not known completely, but most historians believe that candy dates back to the ancient Egyptians at around 2000 BC where evidence of marshmallows and honey cakes has been found. Most of the very early “candies” were made from honey, and sugar candy was not invented until about 250 AD by the Indians.

Modern candy began to be created in about the 16th century when boiled candies were mixed with fruit and nuts in Europe. This type of hard candy gained more popularity in the 17th century as it spread to England and America. It was around the same time that chocolate began to spread throughout the world from Spain.

During the 1800′s many new types of candy began to be invented such as; the first candy bar for the mass market in 1847 created by Joseph Fry and Candy Corn, the popular Halloween candy, was invented in 1880. At the beginning of the 20th century milk chocolate was invented and candies such as peppermints and lemon drops became popular. Since this date many different candies have been, and will continue to be, invented.

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