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Who Invented Cell Phones

Some time ago I wrote the post- when was the cell phone invented. Today I will answer the question ‘who invented cell phones’ and also look at some facts about the man who invented cell phones.

Who Invented Cell Phones

Cell phones were invented by Martin Cooper in 1973, who was working for Motorola at the time. His was the first design that was practical and was truly ‘mobile’ (car phones have previously been invented- but they could only be used in a car). The first commercially available cell phone was not sold until six years later (in 1979). They first sold in Japan. Cell phones were not commercially available in the United States until 1983. The Motorola DynaTAC was the first phone approved by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission). So now you know who invented cell phones. Now let’s look at some facts about the inventor, Martin Cooper

Facts about Martin Cooper

  • Martin Cooper is a member of Mensa.
  • Watching Captain Kirk in Star Trek: The Original Series (then just called Star Trek) inspired Cooper to invent a cell phone.
  • Cooper is also the first person to make a call on a cell phone. He called a rival, Dr Joel S Engel, who was also working on inventing a cell phone. He made the call in New York City, to the amazement of people who were passing by!
  • He is the CEO and founder of ArrayComm.

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  1. Woah knowing about cellphones is amazing? Umm its not really a comment more like a question… is Martin Cooper alive?

  2. He was born on December 26, 1928. Don’t know if he is in the Guinness book of records but I would say he probably is.

  3. haha. i wonder where this world would be if cell phones were taken away. its crazy how much they affect society. even if you dont want one, you usually have to have one. i mean my 10 year old cousin has one.

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