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Who Invented Coke

Coca-Cola, affectionately known as coke, is the best known soft drink worldwide. Coke is sold in more than 200 different countries in stores, restaurants and vending machines. This article will tackle the question who invented coke and look at seven great facts about coke.

Coke was invented in 1885 by John Pemberton. The original recipe for coke is still a secret today, although several people have claimed to have worked out the recipe. Coke originally sold well due to the common belief at the time that carbonated beverages actually improved health. Businessman Asa Griggs Chandler acquired exclusive rights to the Coca-Cola formula in 1888, although the acquisition was very controversial. It was claimed that John Pemberton’s signature (and others) was forged on the exclusive right agreement. Regardless, Chandler was a ruthless businessman who promoted coke very aggressively and made it iconic throughout America. So now you know who invented coke and some other great history about the Coca-Cola Company. Now let’s look at seven exciting and education facts about coke!

Fact 1: Before 1903, coke contained an estimated 9mg of cocaine per glass. Now a non-narcotic stimulant is used in coke.

Fact 2: Coke was the first ever sponsor of an Olympic Games, the 1928 Olympics in Amsterdam. Coke has been an Olympic sponsor even since 1928!

Fact 3: Coke has attracted some criticism as it contains caffeine and people may become physically dependant on it.

Fact 4: Coke was sold exclusively in bottles up until 1955. Cans of coke only started selling in that year.

Fact 5: The entire coke formula is known by just two executive in the Coca-Cola Company. Others in the company know part of the formula but not the entire formula.

Fact 6: Coke outsells most of its competitors worldwide. Pepsi is the biggest rival to coke, and local coke varieties in different countries sometimes outsell coke.

Fact 7: The number one hit song “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing” was featured in a Coca-Cola commercial in 1971.

There you have it- the answer to the question who invented coke and seven interesting facts about coke.

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