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Who Invented Dr Pepper

Dr Pepper is the name of a uniquely flavored soft drink that is currently owned in North America by the Dr Pepper Snapple Group. The distinctive taste is unlike any other soft drink and has been described as a flavor that you either love or hate. Although the standard Dr Pepper remains the most popular product, there are now many other varieties and flavors such as Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper and Diet Dr Pepper. Let’s take a look at who invented this popular soft drink.

Who invented Dr Pepper?
Dr Pepper was created in the 1880′s by pharmacist Charles Alderton. He created the formulation while working at a Drug Store in Waco, Texas. He offered the drink to Wade Morrision, the owner of the store, who thought that there would be a market for it. It was soon being sold and was referred to by the customers as a “Waco.” The formula was given to Morrision and he officially named it Dr Pepper.

Did you know?
The first record of Doctor Pepper being served is in 1885 and it was introduced on a national scale in 1904. This means that it was first introduced a year before Coca-Cola.

The origin of the name is a subject of much debate. Some people think that it is named after an actual doctor and others believe that the name comes from pepsin, which is a digestive enzyme.

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