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Who Invented Kickball

Kickball is a popular game that has many similarities to baseball and softball. Unlike these games, a larger rubber ball is used and the pitcher rolls the ball along the ground for the player to kick the ball instead of using the bat to hit it. The game is usually played on a softball diamond with 3 bases and a home plate. There are no official rules of kickball, which means that different variations of the game have developed over time. It is popular in schools where it is commonly a part of the physical education program. Continue reading if you want to know who invented this popular sport.

Who invented kickball?
Kickball was invented by Nicholas C Seuss and the early form of the game was called “kick baseball,” which it is sometimes still called today. It was invented in Cincinnati, Ohio where Seuss was the Supervisor of Cincinnati Park Playgrounds. A few years later it entered the public school system where it was adopted by physical education teachers as a way to teach young children about baseball. During the early days of the game it was usually played on the same field as baseball.

Did you know?
It has been reported that some US soldiers played kickball in their down time during World War II.

Kickball is played in many other countries, although the rules can be quite different.

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