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Who Invented Laptops

Laptops (also called notebooks) are small personal computers designed to for mobile use. This post will tell you who invented laptop computers, and also look at a few facts about laptops.

Who Invented Laptops

The first portable computer was created by Alan Kay, Adele Goldberg, Douglas Fairbairn, and Larry Tesler in April 1976. It was called the Xerox NoteTaker. Very few were created as it cost over $50,000 to build. While they were never sold commercially, they inspired others to create a portable computer (a laptop) which could be made for a cheaper price. In 1981, the Osborne Computer Corporation released the first laptop computer at a market price of $1795. It was invented by Adam Osborne. The Osborne 1 (as it was called) weighed 22.5 pounds.

Facts About Laptop Computers

  • The sales of laptops have increased rapidly in the 2000’s. In the last half of 2008, laptops outsold desktop computers.
  • A ‘netbook’ is a laptop that is very light-weight, economical, energy-efficient and suited for wireless Internet connection.
  • Laptop computers are much more energy-efficient than desktop computers. They are also a lot quieter as they produce less heat so fewer cooling fans are needed.
  • A laptop is three times more likely to break in its first year of use than a desktop computer.

Source: laptopsarena.com

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