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Who invented lip gloss

Lip gloss is not only a must have cosmetic product, but it developed over the years into having health benefits. This includes moisturizing effects and sunscreen which are now included into many brands of lip gloss. Today there are thousands of different brands and types of lip gloss. Ranging from glossy cosmetics through to totally organic brands. But, you might be wondering who invented the very first lip gloss and this article will answer that question.

Who invented lip gloss
It is widely reported that Max Factor (you have probably heard of the company, but Max Factor was actually the name of a person) invented lip gloss in 1930 as a way to make actors lips look glossy and shiny for movies. This proved very popular in the entertainment industry and was first made available commercially as Max Factor’s X-Rated, which launched in 1932 and was on the market until 2003 when production ceased.

Other interesting facts

  • Max Factor (the man) is honored with a star on the Hollywood walk of fame. His real name was actually Maximilian Factorowitz or Faktorowicz. Interestingly, his half brother John was a gangster in Chicago.
  • Procter and Gamble bought the Max Factor line of cosmetics in 1991 and were the ones who decided to stop producing X-Rated lip gloss.
  • There are now “plumping” lip glosses which contain ingredients to make the lips look softer and plumper for a temporary period of time.

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