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Who Invented Scissors

Scissors are used by millions of people everyday to cut objects. But who invented scissors? This post will answer that question, and also look at some interesting facts about scissors.

Who Invented Scissors?

No one knows who invented the first pair of scissors. We do know, however, that scissors were probably invented in Ancient Egypt in 1500BC. They were ‘spring scissors’ with two bronze blades connected at the handles by a thin strip of bronze. That strip of bronze brought the scissor blades together when it was squeezed. So now you know that the Ancient Egyptians invented scissors. Let’s look at some interesting facts about scissors.

Facts About Scissors

  • Spring scissors were used right up until the sixteenth century.
  • Some specialized types of scissors are poultry shears (to cut poultry), the ‘jaws of life’ (for cutting metals in rescue operations), grass/hedge shears (for cutting grass and hedges), tin snips (for cutting through tin plates and galvanized iron), kitchen scissors (for cutting through the bones of meat) and wool shears (for collecting wool from an animal- usually sheep).
  • Cross-bladed scissors were invented by the Romans. They were invented around 100AD.
  • Initially, scissors were only made for right-handed people. Left-handed scissors are now manufactured in many countries.

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