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Who Invented the Candy Cane

Candy canes are a type of hard candy that usually has red and white stripes. This post will tell you who invented the candy cane and also look at some interesting facts about candy canes.

Who Invented the Candy Cane

Unfortunately, no one actually knows who invented the candy cane! In the 17th century, white blocks of candy were sold for children to enjoy. It is unclear who was the first person to start selling these blocks of candy. However, we do know that a choirmaster at Cologne Cathedral in Germany (his name is unknown) was the first to ‘bend’ the candy into the shape of a shepherd’s cane. This was used as a symbol of Jesus Christ, who is called the ‘Good Shepherd’ in the Bible.

Facts About Candy Canes

  • Bob’s Candies was the first company to mass-produce and distribute candy canes. They used cellophane to keep moisture from damaging the candy canes. This meant that they could ship them around America!
  • Some people use candy canes as a decoration on their Christmas trees.
  • Red stripes were added to candy canes in the early 1900′s. Before this, candy canes were just white sticks of candy. This is also the time when peppermint was added as a flavor!

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