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Who Invented the Computer Mouse

A computer mouse is a pointing device that allows computer users to perform various tasks in a faster and more efficient way than other methods. Most modern computer mice have at least 2 buttons and a scroll wheel. They are commonly connected to the computer via a USB port, but wireless versions are also popular. There is a good chance that if you are reading this article on a computer that you will have a mouse in your hand. Continue reading to find out who invented this important piece of technology.

Who invented the computer mouse?
The first computer mouse was invented in 1963 by Douglas Engelbart with the assistance of Bill English at the Stanford Research Institute (SRI). The first prototype was a simple wooden shell with two metal wheels. They named the device the mouse, because the early model had a chord attached to the rear which meant that it resembled a mouse. Some of his team called the invention the bug, but this didn’t catch on. Engelbart applied for a patent in 1967 and it was granted in 1970. However, he did not receive any royalties for his invention even though he believed SRI had later licensed the invention to Apple for approximately $40,000.

Did you know?
Bill English later went on to develop a ball mouse in 1972, which replaced the metal wheels with a ball that could rotate in any direction. He wasn’t the first to invent this technology though as German company Telefunken had released a ball mouse in 1968, but they did not apply for a patent.

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