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Who Invented The Electric Doorbell

A doorbell is any device that is used to alert the owner to the presence of a visitor. Traditionally these devices were simply a bell that was hung close to the front door. This was connected to a short rope so it could be rung. Prior to the invention of the doorbell, door knockers were commonly used on the front door. The modern versions utilize electricity to send a chime or other tone throughout the house. Today, it is very common for households to have an electric doorbell, especially if they have a large house. If you have ever wondered who invented the useful device, continue reading to find out.

Who invented the electric doorbell?
The electric doorbell was invented in 1831 by the famous scientist and inventor Joseph Henry. He had an interest in electromagnets and experimented with sending an electric current over wire to activate an electromagnet. This caused a bell to ring and, with this, the idea for a modern doorbell was conceived.

Joseph Henry’s ideas and experiments led to many other inventions, including the telegraph, electric motor and telephone. In fact, the inventor of the telephone, Alexander Graham Bell, said that his invention couldn’t have happened without the work done by Joseph Henry.

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