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Who Invented the Electric Guitar

A few days ago I wrote about who invented the guitar (the non-electric version). In this post, I am going to tell you who invented the electric guitar, and look at a few facts about electric guitars.

Who Invented the Electric Guitar

It was George Beauchamp and Adolph Rickenbacher who designed the very first electric guitar. It was built by Harry Wilson (an employee of Electro String Company) in 1932. They called the guitar the Rickenbacker. Gage Brewer was the first person who performed with an electric guitar. The first recordings made with an electric guitar were done in 1933.

Facts about Electric Guitars

  • Electric guitars were initially invented to increase the sound made by guitars, which were being drowned out by large brass sections of orchestras.
  • Seven string guitars are used by some jazz musicians and metal guitarists.
  • Les Paul led the initial research into amplifying guitars. He thought of attaching microphones to guitars (which didn’t work effectively).
  • The electric guitar has been instrumental in the creation of music such as rock and roll, blues rock and Chicago blues.

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