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Who Invented The Kettle

A kettle is a small kitchen appliance used for boiling water. The most common use for a kettle is for making tea and coffee, and this is where it gets its alternative name – the tea kettle. The two main varieties of kettles, the stovetop kettle and the electric kettle. The first is placed on a stovetop to heat the water, and the electric kettle utilizes a heating element that is powered by electricity. If you have ever wondered who invented this useful appliance, continue reading to find the answer.

The first kettle
The first kettle is believed to be an ancient metal cooking device that was used in a campfire. However, no evidence exists to support this theory. One of the earliest kettles to be discovered was from China and it dates back to 950 to 900 BC.

Who invented the whistling tea kettle?
Kettle design was improved in many ways since the early Chinese models, but the most innovative design belonged to Sholom Borgelman (Borman) who invented a tea kettle that whistled when it reached boiling point. The whistling tea kettle became very popular and it is still used in many houses today.

Who invented the electric kettle?
The next major design would revolutionize the kettle forever. Arthur Leslie Large invented the electric kettle in 1922. It used to heating element powered by electricity to boil the water. In 1930 the company General Electric released an electric kettle with an automatic cutoff switch and the modern kettle was born.

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