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Who Invented the Mouthguard

A mouthguard is a device used to prevent injury to the mouth, especially teeth, during physical activity. They are popular in contact sports, such as boxing and hockey, where injuries to the mouth are common. Wearing a mouthguard has become compulsory in many sports where impacts to the head or face are common. Mouthguards are also used for various dental treatments and procedures, such as teeth whitening.

Who Invented the mouthguard?
The mouthguard was invented in 1890 by London dentist Woolf Krauze in an effort to prevent boxers from getting cut on their lips. They were made of a material similar to rubber and the boxer would grip the device between their teeth. Later, his son took this design and developed a stronger version using rubber.

The modern day mouthguard was developed in the 1970’s by children’s dentist Dr. Arthur Wood. He was concerned with the amount of injuries children were receiving to their teeth during ice hockey games. Modern techniques have refined this design to create the mouthguards we see today.

Types of mouthguards
For athletes wanting to protect their mouth, there are three different types of mouthguards available. The first type is a ready-made model, which cannot be adjusted. The second type are made of a special material that is heated and then placed in the mouth. Once they are in position they can be bitten to mold to the shape of your teeth and mouth. Custom mouthguards are the most comfortable, and most expensive, and are usually made by a dentist after taking a full mouth impression.

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