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Who Invented the Pretzel

Pretzels are very popular baked goods that are very unique due to their knot-like shape. Pretzel dough is made out of only water, brown sugar, wheat flour and yeast. The dough is dipped in sodium bicarbonate solution and sprinkled with salt prior to baking to give the pretzel that lovely glazed look! But who invented the pretzel? This article will answer that burning question, and also look at seven fascinating facts about pretzels.

Who Invented the Pretzel
Unfortunately, no one really knows exactly who invented the pretzel and there are ongoing debated as to the origin of pretzels. Some believe the East Germans were the first to invent the pretzel in the early 12th century (the 1100’s). A medieval manuscript from East Germany, the Hortus Deliciarum, is believed to contain a depiction of a pretzel. The manuscript was made in the late 20th century. Pretzels remain very popular in southern Germany, where they are called Brezl or Brezn. Other people credit the invention of the pretzel to an Italian monk. He apparently gave pretzels to reward children who learnt their prayers. Still others claim the pretzel was invented in Spain! So, no one knows who or even where pretzels were invented! Let’s now look at seven interesting facts about pretzels.

Seven Facts about Pretzels
Fact 1: Some Catholics regard pretzels as having religious significance and they are associated with lent. This is because of the belief that an Italian monk invented pretzels!

Fact 2: Pretzels are quite popular in Switzerland, where they are called Butterbrezn.

Fact 3: Over $550 million dollars are spent on pretzels in the United States each year.

Fact 4: An average American consumes an amazing 1.5 pounds (or 0.7kg) of pretzels each and every year!

Fact 5: Chocolate-covered hard pretzels sell very well around Christmas in the United States.

Fact 6: Hard pretzels are often consumed with beer!

Fact 7: Sometimes, pretzels are sold with a soft cheese filling.

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