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Who Invented Windshield Wipers

Windshield wipers (called windscreen wipers in many parts of the world) are used all over the world to help drivers of cars, buses, trains and aircraft see when it is raining. This post will tell you who invented windshield wipers, and then look at some interesting facts about windshield wipers.

Who Invented Windshield Wipers?

The windscreen wiper was invented by Mary Anderson. She invented them after visiting New York City in 1902 and observing a driver having difficulty seeing through the rain. She came up with a hand-operated device that would clear the water off the windshield. She patented the design in 1903. She initially struggled to find buyers for the design, as most thought it had little value. Now, all cars have windshield wipers!

Facts About Windshield Wipers

  • Some cars now have ‘rain sensing’ windshield wipers- which activate when water is on the windshield.
  • Today, most windshield wipers are powered by an electric device.
  • Most cars also have windshield washers. These supply water and detergent to the windshield to help clean it.
  • Some large ships also use windshield wipers!
  • Nearly all American cars had windshield wipers by 1916.
  • The first intermittent windshield wipers, which wipe at different speeds, were invented in 1969 by Robert Kearns.
  • William Folberth invented the first automatic windshield wiper in 1919.

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  1. That is very thoughtful of her. The man who was having difficulty with clearing the windshield never even thought of creating a solution. Kudos to this great woman!

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