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Who was the First Commander of the Continental Army

The Continental Army was an army formed during the American Revolutionary War in 1775. It was established by the Continental Congress in an attempt to coordinate military efforts throughout the thirteen colonies that would later form the United States of America. The army was mobilized to fight in the revolt against the rule of Great Britain. Most the army was disbanded after the Treaty of Paris ended the conflict. The remaining units were the basis for the United States Army.

Who was the first commander of the Continental Army?
The commander in chief of the Continental Army was General George Washington. He was named the commander in chief by the Second Continental Congress in 1775. Due to his experience and good reputation George Washington was appointed Major general with little competition. During his time as commander of the army he led his men against the main British forces. Despite losing most of his battles General George Washington never surrendered his army and continued to fight the British until the war ended. General Washington was responsible for the battle strategy, the training and organization of the army and the politics of war.

After the war he was active in the politics of the country and a pivotal part of the creation of the constitution. In 1789 he was unanimously voted in as the first President of the United and served two terms being re-elected in 1792. He remains the only president to achieve 100% of the electoral votes

Did you know?
Prior to General George Washington taking command of the Continental Army major general Artemas Ward maintained command?

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