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Who was the first James Bond

James Bond is a fictional character originally created by writer Ian Fleming, who featured Bond in twelve novels and two collections of short stories. After his death in 1964, James Bond books have been written by Kingsley Amis (using the name Robert Markham), John Pearson, John Gardner and Raymond Benson. More than 21 movies had been released which feature James Bond. But who was the first James Bond? This article will answer your question and also look at four interesting facts about James Bond.

Who was the first James Bond
Many people often incorrectly say that Sean Connery was the first James Bond. It is true he was played James Bond in Dr No, which was the first James Bond film produced by EON productions (who have produced all but two James Bond films). Dr No, however, was not the first production to feature James Bond. In 1954, CBS paid Ian Fleming for the rights to adapt Casino Royale into a one hour television show which they would use as part of the Climax! series. The TV episode was shown on CBS in 1954 and starred Barry Nelson as James Bond. Many Bond fans discount all movies and TV shows not produced by EON productions. Most fans only see the 21 films produced by EON productions as ‘official’ Bond films. This is the reason why many people will tell you Sean Connery was the first James Bond when it was actually Barry Nelson. So now you know the answer to the question who was the first James Bond. Now, let’s look at four great facts about James Bond.

Four Facts about James Bond
Fact 1: The 21 James Bond films have grossed almost $US4.4 billion. When adjusted for inflation it is over $US11.1 billion.

Fact 2: The 22nd EON Bond film, titled Quantum of Solace, is due to be released in November, 2008.

Fact 3: Charlie Higson has begun writing a series of books detailing the adventures of the ‘Young James Bond’. So far, he has written 5 novels.

Fact 4: Activison are releasing a new James Bond video game based on the new movie. It will be released on Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Wii and PC.

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