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Who was the First President of Mexico

Like many other countries, Mexico has a rich and interesting history. It can be traced back to many great civilizations including the Aztec Empire. One of the pivotal points in Mexican history is one the Spanish colonized the region by overthrowing the Aztec empire in 1521. Mexico was under Spanish rule until independence was declared in 1810. This led to the Mexican war of Independence which lasted until 1821 when Mexico finally achieved independence on September 27. Just three years a new constitution was adopted and the United Mexican States (better known as Mexico) was born. Let’s take a look at who became the first president after these events.

Who was the first President of Mexico?
The Congress of Mexico called a presidential election in August 1824. On October 2, 1824, Guadalupe Victoria was declared the first President of Mexico. He took office on October 10, 1824, and served as interim president until April 1, 1825, when his official term started. He left office on April 1, 1829.

Did you know?
Some of his best successes as president include establishing diplomatic relations with the United Kingdom, the United States, the Republic of Central America and Gran Colombia. He is also known for abolishing slavery, founding the national Museum, promoting education, creating a law to remove the Spanish and ratifying the border between Mexico and the United States.

Guadalupe Victoria is considered to be a national hero of Mexico and many landmarks are named in his honor.

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