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Who Was The Voice Of Mister Ed

Mister Ed was a popular black-and-white television show that aired from 1961 until 1966. The series centered around a talking horse called Mister Ed and his owner Wilbur Post, who was the only person that Mister Ed would talk to. The idea for the show came from a series of short stories by author Walter R. Brooks. The show was very popular and it has been rerun many times since the last episode aired in 1966. The horse that played Mister Ed was named Bamboo Harvester and he was trained by Les Hilton. However, the voice behind the horse was never officially credited by the show.

Who was the voice of Mr Ed?
The voice of Mister Ed was provided by western movie star Allan “Rocky” Lane. He was never credited for the role and the producers would refer to him as “an actor who prefers to remain nameless.” However, Lane was not happy with this arrangement once the show had become a hit and he asked to be credited. This request fell on deaf ears and Mister Ed was credited as playing himself throughout the series.

The singing voice was provided by Sheldon Allman, except for the theme song which was sung by the composer Jay Livingston.

Did you know?
A remake of Mister Ed was planned for the Fox network, but after reviewing the pilot episode the studio declined to continue with the project.

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