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Who Was The Voice Of Nemo

Nemo is one of the main characters in the animated children’s film “Finding Nemo.” Nemo is a clownfish who lives with his overprotective father Marlin. The story follows the journey of Marlin, and a fish called Dory, who attempt to search for Nemo who was taken by a diver. The film was made produced by the animation studio Pixar and released by Walt Disney Pictures in 2003. “Finding Nemo” was very popular with both critics and the public. It made over $850 million at the box office and still holds the record for the bestselling DVD of all time. If you have ever wondered who provides the voice for the title character, keep reading to find out.

Who was the voice of Nemo?
The voice of Nemo was provided by actor Alexander Gould who had just turned 9 when the film was released. Despite his young age at the time of working on “Finding Nemo,” Gould had already landed small parts in television shows such as “Freaks and Geeks”, “Malcolm in the Middle”, “Ally McBeal” and “7th Heaven.” His most important role since working on the film has been a reoccurring role in the popular television series “Weeds.” Gould has also done voice work for various other projects such as the animated films “Bambi II and “Curious George.”

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