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Who Won the First Super Bowl

Super Bowl I was a game played between the National Football League (NFL) champion Green Bay Packers and the American Football League (AFL) champion Kansas City Chiefs. But who won the first Super Bowl? This post will answer that question and tell you a few interesting facts about the first Super Bowl.

Who Won the First Super Bowl?

The very first Super Bowl was won by the Green Bay Packers. The final score was 35-10. The Packers had entered the game as heavy favorites.

Interesting Facts About Super Bowl I

  • Green Bay Packers quarterback Bart Starr was named the Super Bowl MVP. He completed 16 of 23 passes for 250 yards, 2 touchdowns and 1 interception.
  • The cost of a 30-second commercial during the first Super Bowl was just $42,000!
  • Just over 51 million people watched Super Bowl I.
  • The two teams played with different footballs on offense. The Chiefs used a ball by Spalding (the official ball of the AFL) and the Packers used a ball by Wilson (the official ball of the NFL).
  • The game was simulcast on CBS and NBC. CBS had the rights to televise NFL games and NBS had the right to televise AFL games. Therefore, it was decided that both should telecast the Super Bowl. No other game was simulcast on more than one network until December 29, 2007 when the New England Patriots beat the New York Giants to complete a 16-0 season.

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