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Who Wrote “Brave New World”

A “Brave New World” is a well known science fiction (sub genre dystopia) novel first published in 1932. The book features a futuristic society that is unified by a One World Government (the World State) under the principles of the mass production assembly line developed by Henry Ford. Since it was published the book has become one of the most well studied works in English Literature. It has also been a controversial book, mostly because it was considered anti-religion, and it has been censored and banned in many countries. Despite this, it is commonly featured in the top 100 books of all time and in 1999 in was rated by Modern Library as the 5th best English language novel of the 20th century. Let’s find out who wrote this influential, and sometimes controversial, novel.

Who wrote “Brave New World”?
The author Aldous HuxleyA “Brave New World” was written by the English author Aldous Huxley in 1931 while he was living in Italy. By this time he was already a well known writer and this was his fifth novel. However, it was his first novel in the dystopia genre. This work was inspired by the utopian novels written by H. G. Wells and Huxley wanted to write a parody of this hopeful vision for the future. His idea for a simple parody blossomed into a fully fledged novel. He described the finished work as a negative utopia and it was influenced by “The Sleeper Awakes” by H. G. Wells and the novels of D. H. Lawrence.

The original critical reception was mixed, but the work eventually became a success with the critics and public alike. The novel has inspired many other works and has been adapted for radio and film.

Did you know?
Huxley has long been accused of plagiarism for the work. In 1982 he was accused of plagiarism by a Polish author. George Orwell, author of the similar work Nineteen Eighty-Four, believed that Huxley had derived part of his work from the Russian novel “We.”

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