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Who Wrote Peter Pan

Peter Pan is a popular fictional character best known as the boy who would never grow up. The character has featured in countless books, movies, comics, stage productions and video games. If you have ever wanted to know who created this famous character, keep reading to find out.

Who created Peter Pan?
Peter Pan was created by Scottish author J. M. Barrie in 1902. The character featured in a section of his novel “The Little White Bird.” However, the character didn’t became truly well known until J. M. Barrie created the stage play “Peter Pan; or, the Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up” in 1904. This proved to be so successful that it was made into a book called “Peter and Wendy,” published in 1911. The publishers of “The Little White Bird” also capitalized on the success of the play by republishing the sections featuring Peter Pan with new illustrations and calling it “Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens.”

Did you know?
The character is believed to be inspired by the Llewelyn Davies boys. J. M. Barrie unofficially adopted the boys after their parents had died. However, some people believe that the death of Barrie’s brother, who died in a skating accident before his 14th birthday, was the inspiration for the character.

The Peter Pan stage play and novel made the name Wendy popular. Before this time it was very rarely used.

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