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Who Wrote “The Secret Garden”

“The Secret Garden” is a children’s novel that was first published in 1911. It is considered to be an English classic and it has been named one of the top 100 books for children and the most important books of the 20th century. The novel has also been adapted for television, film and the stage, with the latest film adaptation occurring in 1993. The book features many themes such as innocence, friendship and love and it contains several symbols that have been extensively studied over the years since it was first published. Let’s find out who wrote this well known novel.

Who wrote “The Secret Garden”?
English author Frances Burnett“The Secret Garden” was written by the English author Frances Eliza Hodgson Burnett. Burnett emigrated from England to the United States with her family in 1865, but she began to travel back to England in the 1880’s. She eventually bought a house in England and this was where she wrote “The Secret Garden”. She wrote the novel in the 1900’s and was inspired by the walled gardens at Maytham Hall. She wrote most of the novel in Buile Hill Park in Manchester. It was eventually published in 1911, but it was not as successful as some of Burnett’s other novels. In fact, by the time Burnett died in 1924 the novel was mostly forgotten when compared to her other works. However, the novel has undergone a steady increase in popularity since this time and, ironically, it is now this novel that Burnett is best remembered!

Did you know?
The copyright to the novel expired in 1987 (US) and 1995 (rest of the world). This means that the book is in the public domain.

Some experts believe that some of the inspiration for the novel came from the fact that Burnett found peace while gardening after her son’s death in 1892.

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