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Why Are Chicken Eggs Different Colors

Chicken eggs are a popular food throughout much of the world. They are a good source of protein and supply all the essential amino acids. They also contain many important vitamins and minerals. One thing that most people notice about chicken eggs is that the eggshell is not always the same color. Let’s take a look at the reason that chicken eggs are different colors.

Why Are Chicken Eggs Different Colors?
The color of chicken eggs is related to the species of chicken that lays the egg. When an egg is being laid there are pigments deposited as the eggs pass through the oviduct (passageway from the ovaries to the outside of the body). The genetics of the chicken determine the color of these pigments, which leads to the different colored chicken eggs.

The most common eggshell colors are white and brown. However, there are also blue and green chicken eggs available in selected parts of the world. Even though the outside of the eggs may look different, they are identical on the inside. The flavor will also be the same, although this can change due to the diet of the chicken.

Did you know?
The breed of chicken responsible for the blue and green eggs is the Aracuana. This species have also been bred with other chickens to produce a breed called Americauna. This species is also called the “Easter egg chicken,” because it produces multi colored eggs.

It is believed that the original chicken eggs were brown, but the birds were selectively bred to produce whiter eggs.

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